PoDi One


“Hiring people is an art, not a science,
and resumes can’t tell you whether
someone will fit into a company’s culture.”
- Howard Schulz -

The interview day is the day in which people always wear a mask to aim for getting hired. Therefore, they constantly search for interview questions and good answers from websites all of the type, e.g., article, video content, etc.

They learn how to impress an interviewer as much as possible. It’s a typical preparation of active job seekers. But, unfortunately, interviewing those candidates without anticipation and inadequate preparation, an interviewer can be deceived by them and finally make a wrong choice.

Choosing mismatched candidates can significantly impact both the company and the interviewer, e.g., affecting company performance, bringing team collaboration into conflict, and retarding the ability level of individual & company growth.

Since interview techniques have been widespread and easy to access, most candidates have quickly learned how to react to an attitude or aptitude test. Also, they could effortlessly discover answers to personality questions that we, a company, expect to test in advance. However, they have only learned a shortcut to be employed, regardless of assessing themselves the exact capability or considering motivational fits.

In contrast, we have been assiduously driving to use a tool to explore interviewees’ hidden personal work masks. So how well do we ensure that the tool we are using can manifest authentic or only well-prepared traits?

To discover a candidate’s self, we should have;

  • A practical, user-friendly tool that aids our interviewer in seeking an honest response from a candidate.
  • A tool that refrains from making good-looking answers at the same time.
  • A tool that allows presenting real examples done in the past and express actual behaviors in the workplace or living life.

Availing of the practical selection solution reassures people involved in the process. It shares a confidence with our interviewers to find a “real right one”. Additionally, effective use of the tool can lower company hiring costs and shorten the new employee’s time to align with the company values or culture. Finally, the quality of selection shall contribute “People Sustainability” to stakeholders and business.

PoDi® One is a new way to evaluate a candidate by metaphor methodology.
We use “photo” as a solution that enables the interviewer to probe deep into a candidate’s traits. As a result, a candidate will be comfortable connecting and responding to the interview and bypassing good-looking answers.

PoDi® One allows the candidate to share experience from a “photo”.
The candidate will connect with the selected photo and relate to words or questions to reflect working behavior, style, and self without preparation beforehand.
Then, the interviewer will deliver prepared questions for the candidate to say to the experience story linked to that selected photo. The interviewer can point out something more in that “photo” and probe to find an honest reaction.

PoDi® One helps your interviewer releasing the candidate’s authentic self.
Our solution can limit making a good-looking response so that the answers from a candidate can be candid, “real one,” as we are expecting to see from a candidate in an interview. In addition, it is also helpful for our interviewer to explore the hidden trait of a candidate that cannot prepare in advance.

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